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The Ministry shall, prior to or concurrently with approval pursuant to Section 4-2 or a licence being granted pursuant to Section 4-3, approve the production schedule. A production schedule other than that which follows from Section 4-1 may En kvinnes suksessfortelling stipulated if warranted by resource management considerations or other significant social considerations. Burning of petroleum in excess of the quantities needed for normal operational safety shall not be allowed unless approved by the Ministry. Upon application from the licensee, the Ministry shall stipulate, for fixed periods of time, the quantity which may be produced, injected or cold vented at all times. An application shall be submitted at such times and shall have such contents as decided by the Ministry. The Ministry shall base this stipulation on the production schedule on which the development plan is based, unless new information on the deposit or other circumstances warrant otherwise. When so required due to important interests of society, the King in Council may, for an individual petroleum deposit or several petroleum deposits, stipulate other production schedules than those stipulated or approved pursuant to the first and third paragraph, and may in this connection order improved recovery. If the decision according to this paragraph is to the effect that production shall be reduced in relation to the production schedule stipulated or approved, the Ministry shall endeavour to apportion to a reasonable extent the reduction proportionately 67 the relevant petroleum deposits. In the event of such apportionment, special considerations shall be given to long-term agreements for the supply of gas and to petroleum deposits which in part are situated on the continental shelf of another state. Upon application from 67 licensee, the Ministry may approve test production of a petroleum deposit. Duration, quantity and other conditions for such test production shall be decided by the Ministry. The Ministry 67 require the licensee to produce a report on field related matters, including alternative schemes for production and, if applicable, injection, and the total recovery factor for various production schedules. The provisions relating to extension of the licence, extension of the time limit set for implementing the work obligation and payment of area fee during the extension period in Section 3-13 third, fourth and fifth paragraphs shall apply accordingly. The Ministry may make a decision to require preparation, commencement or continuation of production, and hereunder, that on-going production shall be continued or increased, when this is economically beneficial to society, when necessary to develop an efficient transportation system or to ensure efficient utilisation of facilities comprised by Sections 4-2 and 4-3. Such decision may also be made if it is efficient for reservoir engineering reasons, or when it is desirable that two or more petroleum deposits are produced in conjunction with each other, or when warranted by other significant social reasons. If the decision according to the first paragraph is to the effect that production shall be prepared or commenced, the licensee shall be given a period of two years to present a plan according to Section 4-2 and a progress schedule. If the decision is to the effect that production shall be continued, the licensee shall be given a period of no less than 6 months to present a plan for implementation. If the plan according to the second paragraph is not submitted prior to expiry of the time limit, or if the licensee informs the Ministry that he will not prepare, commence or continue production of the deposit, or if the licensee without plausible reason and in spite of order to such effect fails to take the necessary steps to implement the plan, the Ministry may initiate measures to commence or continue production, and in this connection revoke the production licence or parts of the area of the production licence to the extent this is considered necessary to achieve efficient production. The same shall apply if the licensee presents a plan which the Ministry does not consider to be satisfactory, provided that the licensee shall nevertheless be given a period of at least 6 months to present an amended plan. If a petroleum deposit extends over more than one block with different licensees, or onto the continental shelf of another state, efforts shall be made to reach agreement on the most efficient co-ordination of petroleum activities in connection with the petroleum deposit as well as on the apportionment of the petroleum deposit. This shall apply similarly when, in the case of several petroleum deposits, joint petroleum activities would obviously be more efficient. Agreements on joint exploration drilling shall be submitted to the Ministry. Agreements on joint production, transportation, utilisation and cessation of petroleum activities shall be submitted to the Ministry for approval. If consensus on such agreements is not reached within reasonable time, the Ministry may determine how such joint petroleum activities shall be conducted, including the apportionment of the deposit. Nevertheless, natural gas undertakings and eligible customers domiciled in an EEA State shall have a right of access to upstream pipeline networks, including facilities supplying technical services incidental to such access. The Ministry stipulates further rules in the form of regulations and may impose conditions and issue orders relating to such access in the individual case. Any agreement on the use of facilities comprised by Sections 4-2 and 4-3 shall be submitted to the Ministry for approval unless otherwise decided by the Ministry. The Ministry may on approving an agreement according to the first sentence, or in the event that no such agreement is reached within a reasonable period of time, as well as in the case of an order according to the first paragraph, stipulate tariffs and other conditions or subsequently alter the conditions that have been agreed, approved or stipulated, in order to ensure that implementation of projects is carried out with due regard to considerations relating to resource management and providing the owner of the facility with a reasonable profit taking into account, among other things, investments and risks. The Ministry may, on conditions equivalent to the conditions set out in the first paragraph first sentence, decide that facilities may be used by others in connection with treatment, transportation and storage of CO2. The second paragraph shall apply accordingly. The Ministry may appoint someone to assume extended operator responsibility for the overall operation of upstream pipeline network and associated facilities, including undertake change of operator when warranted for particular reasons. The overall operation of upstream pipeline network and associated facilities shall be carried out in accordance with prudent technical and sound economic principles. Whoever has the extended operator responsibility as mentioned in the first paragraph, shall act in a neutral and non-discriminatory manner. The King may issue further rules relating to the responsibility as mentioned in the first and second paragraphs, including deciding that whoever has been assigned to assume this responsibility, shall also make decisions in respect of access to upstream pipeline network, and may order owners and users of upstream pipeline network and associated facilities and licensees of production licences where petroleum is produced, to adapt their activities. Such order might be given to ensure prudent resource management and efficient operation of the of upstream pipeline network in question. The King may decide that the Act of 10 February 1967 pertaining to procedures regarding public administration shall not be applicable to the party assigned a specific responsibility as operator in accordance with the first paragraph. The licensee shall pay a fee for a production licence, after expiry of the period stipulated pursuant to Section 3-9 first paragraph first sentence, calculated per square kilometre (area fee). The licensee shall furthermore pay a fee calculated on the basis of the quantity and value of petroleum produced at the shipment point of the production area (production fee). With regard to petroleum which is injected, exchanged or stored prior to being delivered to be taken ashore or used for consumption, the production fee shall be calculated on the basis of the quantity and value of the petroleum at the shipment point for the original production area at the time when the petroleum according to contract is delivered to be taken ashore or used for consumption. Nevertheless, production fee shall not be paid for petroleum produced from deposits where the development plan is approved or where the requirement to submit a plan for development and operation is waived after 1 January 1986.

En kvinnes suksessfortelling, 67
I think the critics are very wrong, the actors were great, the scenery was awesome and the effects were so realistic. It was a nice change of pace from the over effects done in Hollywood kvinjes days. Priscilla saysDecember 25, 2018 at 12:16 amI really enjoyed this movie. I felt convinced on the actors characters and felt it was real. I as not bored or questioned any part of the movie. This film was 67 refreshing break from all that over-done nonsense. We thought the low budget of the film actually worked in its favor, forcing the script to rely more on suspense rather than lots of special effects. We actually hid our eyes a couple of times too til we had to get back to the subtitles. Speaking of, we always find that watching a foreign film in the original language with subtitles instead dubbed is much more authentic kvinnew catches the mood more accurately.

Sign up, choose what to actually read a Norwegian company, owned and uses your strongest traits. If you out of Arts in search for chatting, flrting og jenter bli kjent med. I Love travelling and Ireland although Norway men nor women have to the borderfree world. Logg inn Dating Bergan Dating Jante Law consists of its own customized searches, filtered by organizing singles Calm and an Member sign up sign. If you should be stepped on a date.

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He's punching above his weight.
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The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it is wrong about ethnic restaurants being the cheapest place to eat.
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Bergen holds important roles in several major academic and professional organizations.

Beste norske datingsites women were more satisfied with their height than short women were. Unfortunately, in the area of personal satisfaction, there was some bad news from this study for short men, who- like the shorter women- reported being dissatisfied with their height. These findings are consistent with the data from other studies showing that tall men enjoy an advantage in self-esteem and happiness. Here again, the authors link the dissatisfaction of the shorter men to the fact that women prefer tall men. There are two pessimistic interpretations of suksesfortelling findings, then. One is that no one is ever truly happy with the height of his or her partner. We can offset this by keeping in mind the age group of the participants might offer some hope. The other finding, that short men and women are both dissatisfied with their height, may also apply more to the young than the psychologically more mature. Again, this is a problem that time, and greater experience in the world, can help them conquer. The authors conclude their fascinating study by pointing out that much of this height perception and preference is relative. Arguing against the evolutionary interpretation, they point out that height preferences are not universal throughout the world, as has been shown in studies of non-Western sample. Finally, given the sukwessfortelling that people in Western societies have toward height, they recognize that their participants may not always be completely truthful.

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This study shows the hidden biases we may have toward people based on nothing other than their physical appearance. No matter what your actual height, it is the personal qualities you bring to a relationship that, eventually, will bring you into contact with your ideal partner. Feel free to join my Facebook group, "Fulfillment at Any Age," to discuss today's blog, or to ask further questions about this posting. Sense and nonsense about the importance of height of US presidents. The Leadership Quarterly, 24(1), 159-171. Women want taller men more than men want shorter women. Personality and Individual Differences.

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The world is geared towards tall people and its getting En kvinnes suksessfortelling every year now that the younger generations are taller than previous generations so everything is made for tall people. I struggle to reach things at the grocery store, can't even utilize Norsk Sexdating 2nd and 3rd shelves in my kitchen cabinets and all the equipment at gym is made to fit tall men and is not adjustable. I end up with injuries if I use gym equipment that is not adjustable or some exercises En kvinnes suksessfortelling can't even do.

Not to mention chairs are made so that if I lean back in them my feet don't touch the floor thus I end up sitting with poor posture which ends up causing back pain. The reasons are pretty simple as far as reasons for disliking being short and I think you are overthinking things. As for mate selection height has never been something I paid attention to when dating. I will get responses to my ad by women who say "we're compatible". But when I go to their ads I see that they've indicated that they want a tall man or have some other height requirement. But still, I don't respond to those women, because they either are settling for me (lucky me) or they don't know what they want -- both situations are not conducive to a good relationship. I have started this online dating thing recently. There are sites geared toward Seniors, I try on of them.

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I'm also suksessfortelling one of the big ones-"Match. I live in Florida, and almost all the women are over 5'4". One thing I have discovered is women definitely prefer tall guys, even women pushing 70. On Match, you get "high maintenance" women. You can spot them a million miles away. Phony blonde hair, on their 5th facelift, who babble about "swimming in the Mediterranean", by my mate who is confident and successful".

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I got lucky recently with a woman who is from the Bronx, down to earth, and while sweet and nice, she will hand you your left nut if you mess with her. My kind of women, not pretentious at all. I hope this suksessfortlling works, because we have been out, and we talk for hours on the phone. Its' really Speed dating Bergen casting a line, you have to get lucky sometimes. She is 67, Møt single jenter Oslo I didn't look like a midget to her. Maybe shorter women for shorter guys is still the rule, whether we like it or not. I am sorry I hear you. I am a 5'6' woman but I think I appear taller to people suksessfortflling I am thin with long hair. So therefore I think people think I am taller than I acutally am. I am not a bitch. Sometimes I think people perceive me that way, why, because I seem tall. Being tall makes me a bitch. I just want someone loving and 67 I can have fun with. You're above average height. In taller parts of the country, outside big metropolis-sized cities, you won't be considered "Tall".